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The 320 offers flexibility with a wide variety of optional features and input/output devices to provide increased function, connectivity and price performance with the AIX* Version 3 for RS/6000.

Desktop Model with both vertical or horizontal orientation IBM POWER or Power PC Architecture Multiple distributed I/O processors Memory - 8 MB to 128 MBInternal Disk - 160 MB to 800 MBIntegrated SCSI Controller Micro Channel* Feature Card Slots (4)One 3.5-inch 1.44-MB Internal Diskette Drive Two Serial Ports One Parallel Printer Port Processor - 20 MHz Instruction Cache size of up to 32 KB "The IBM RS/6000 320 is a powerful multi-user, multi-tasking desktop systems combining high function, expansion capabilities, and outstanding price/performance.

We "Sold" The UNIX to UNIX Server Consolidation Business to IBM in 2003.

However, the sheer SCALE of these projects, while not as "technically Interesting" as Open VMS Migration, made up for technical Difficulty with Issues of Scale.

Linux is widely used on CHRP based RS/6000s, but support was added after the RS/6000 name was changed to e Server p Series in 2000.

RS/6000 types of computers are the POWERserver servers, POWERstation workstations and Scalable POWERparallel supercomputer platform.

Since our inception in 1994, we have been fortunate to represent IBM and the IBM brands, namely the AS/400/i Series/i5 family of midrange servers and most recently the RS/6000/p Series world class family of UNIX servers.

Migrating thousand of Honeywell Applications, implies a factory approach, not on to the Migration, which, can be harder than it appears, (non portable C templates, different Fortran Compilers) at the end of each application migration, there had to be a defined test cycle.

So the Migration complexity was shifted from "Kernel Mode AST's" to "How do we time the migration so that we have the test cases ready to go".

While most machines were desktops, desksides, or rack mounted, there was a laptop model too, the Model 860.

A lot of famous computers are RS/6000 based, such as the P2SC based Deep Blue supercomputer that beat world champion Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997 and the POWER3 based ASCI White which was the fastest computer in the world 2000-2002.

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