Dating royal winton china

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The piece is a chamber pot purportedly in the "FILLIGRE" pattern.

I say that with caution since it's a guess on our part that "FI is what's missing from LLIGRE" & it's supposed to be the pattern name. The closest I can come is from the early 20th century with WINTON in the banner but a spaced GB rather than GRIMWADE'S.

The thought crosses my mind that it could be a much more modern firing and someone was just trading on the GRIMWADES name. There is a raised rectangle that has a faint impressed number in it.

The most highly underrated and lamentably ignored treasure trove of Canadian heritage memorabilia has to be the fantastic souvenir china ware of Canadian places that was produced in the early 20th century.

From the 1890s to c 1930, an enormous amount of small souvenir china ware was produced for sale in Canada, as the expansion of the railways, and road, and steamboat travel, took thousands of mostly urban Canadians, on sight seeing trips that were unheard of only a generation earlier.

Continue Reading The unique marks that identify Royal Winton pottery include the backstamp or the large letter "R" in a circle.

Royal Winton backstamps include Atlas supporting a globe that says Grimwades, used from 1910-1930; a globe wrapped in a ribbon that says "Winton" with a crown overhead, used in the 1920s; globes with a Grimwades strap that say either "Stoke On Trent" or "England," used in the 1930s, and a round art deco mark that spells out "Royal Winton" in a circle that enwraps the words "Grimwades Made in England," used in 1934.

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