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The shoe — a teal size 9 Adidas sneaker — had a black sock inside of it, the report said.An object believed to be a human bone was seen inside the shoe and sticking out of the top. Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten said the foot was brought back to her office and examined by a forensic anthropologist.The Baldwin County Sheriff's Department reported that earlier Thursday, Stewart's dog, "Roofus," retrieved a severed foot.It was found in the same flower bed the dog left a severed arm and hand at on Sunday.When the spasms stopped, I’d need to spend a half an hour walking around in heels to stop them coming back — not what you want to be doing at 4am, three nights a week.

A porn star got a little more than a love bite during a recent video shoot.Investigators believe the shoe and foot inside were floating amid some debris in the marina for some time, Wooten said.Someone cleaning the debris threw the shoe onto the dock where it sat for six days.A missing foot was also found by Stewart's dog on Thursday. MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, Alabama - Twice within one week, local radio man Clark Stewart's dog retrieved a human remain from the nearby Magnolia River.This time, the mystery behind the grisly discovery is no longer.

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