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But Samantha is living a nightmare: throughout the book, she relives the day of her death seven times, with some dramatic alterations and revelations depending on her choices—ditching school to spend time with her younger sister or, on a day when life’s rules have all but lost their meaning, seducing a teacher.

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Perhaps surprisingly for such a mountainous country, Norway's rail lines stretch more than 2,000 miles, encountering along the way some 775 tunnels and over 3,000 bridges.

Norway's rail network also offers a number of other interesting diversions, such as classic steam trains, gourmet train excursions, and pedal-powered rail tricycles ('draisines') for use on abandoned rail lines.

I like to obsessively collect snippets of praise for the Outerzone site from wherever I can find them.

, an essay by the author about the “greatest hits” of her life, and extra behind-the-scenes content on the making of this bestseller.

Samantha Kingston has it all: looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend.

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