Push and pull technique dating

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The man lives in a completely different reality from most of us. In our reality, generating attraction in women is as easy as taking a crap - little effort, yet feels great!

The skills and tools for generating attraction are so ingrained in us that when interacting with gorgeous women, there's not even an iota of hemming and hawing over how to attract them.

So you feel that you met “The One.” Or maybe you are just not ready to move on.

Either way, she left you, and you are a huge mess, wondering how to win her back, trying your best not to cry yourself to sleep that night.

Getting your ex back starts by forgetting everything that romantic comedies teaches you about how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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The secret to getting your ex back is based in an extremely powerful technique known as push pull.

" We know, if we just chat with her for a few minutes, it's inevitable that she'll feel attraction toward us.

That's why our focus is entirely on, even if we haven't yet said a word to her, using the attraction we already know we can generate in her to get our intended outcome.

I have had very long relationships and not much dating experience. I hate the fact that he controls the flow of our interaction. For a long time we have had a hidden attraction which came out recently because of all the time we now spend around each other. As soon as I respond to him wanting my attention, he withdraws his attention from me.

Previous boyfriends either chased me full on or became friends first. While the pull is making me want him (I wanted him before he started this game) the push is making me feel very insecure, so any compliments or nice things he does for me, I think is this sincere or just a game? For me there is this fear that any woman that loves me will leave..though I deeply crave love. The irony is that I'm on the edge of walking out over this.

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