Skype hot chat room

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But today, they're rolling them into group chat, meaning you can finally order a pizza straight from your online work conversation.

Following the release of Skype Meetings earlier this week, Microsoft is clearly looking to boost the messaging platform's appeal as a work productivity tool.

Microsoft opened the API-style Skype Bot Platform for developers to build their own back in March.

They've since rolled that into the the larger Microsoft Bot Framework, which Skype bot creators can access by updating here.

I’ve run through about 5 different apps that promise to deliver video chatting well, but narrowed it down to two that actually do.

The Skype application on my computer could see that my phone account was logged in and I could initiate a video call.

Most of the new functionality will likely benefit third-party brands who will use the chatbots to offer services.

The update lets developers add cards for in-conversation functionality, letting folks do things like reserve hotel rooms without having to leave chat.

Skype allows you to talk with others over the Internet in several ways, and each way has a method for leaving or ending the conversation.

Leaving calls is fairly intuitive, while leaving group chats requires a little more knowledge of the software.

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