Stephon marbury dating

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She said that they had a sexual relationship and she found a way to make money out of it.Stephon has paid almost a million dollars to the chef to keep her mouth shut.The atmosphere in the stadium felt like a strange mix of a high-school basketball environment and an NBA game.There was blaring-loud American hip-hop music (including a team theme song that changed Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” to “Beijing Jin Yu,” the name of the team), cheerleaders throwing trinkets into the stands after a hype-man character encouraged everyone to “Scream!!!!!

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stephon marbury dating-83

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John’s University in Queens after following her and his cousin there in his truck.The producers of "Basketball Wives" are probably screaming "SAVE IT FOR THE SHOW!!! after it was revealed former NBA and soon-to-be reality star Stephon Marbury had an affair with his personal chef and paid her nearly A MILLION BUCKS to keep a lid on it.Marbury -- who along with wife Latasha will appear next season on the show -- hooked up with the family's chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, five times during her employment ...” Some of the crowd was in Beijing gear, others sported Mc Grady jerseys from the Rockets or Magic years.The stadium itself, though, was old and pretty small, with a few thousand seats -- concessions and the gift shop felt more like high school than the NBA.

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