Updating shower fixtures

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Secure the post by threading a new retaining nut onto the post and tightening it with the adjustable wrench.A lot of things go into making a bathroom beautiful, but not all of it has to be big.If you’re in the middle of a major remodel, forgetting about the little things can be a huge mistake – as is assuming you can’t give an outdated bathroom a facelift without a huge investment.The truth is, sometimes the smallest changes can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom, whether it’s part of a larger redesign or all on its own.

Walk through the plumbing section of your local home center, and you'll see a wide variety of shower faucets.

Instead of picking out an entire new fixture, we could try just replacing the globes!

Although I’d prefer a fixture with straight lines throughout, our current ones are in good shape and could be given a new life with updated globes.

Then grasp the tip of the faucet handle mount with a pair of slip-jaw pliers and pull the faucet post straight out from the plumbing in the wall.

Insert a new faucet post from the new faucet kit into the same location in the wall.

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