Vba conditional formatting not updating

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I’ve got a couple of tutorial pages on my web site that deal with conditionally formatted charts. Color Next End With End Sub Select a chart, and run the procedure above (press Alt F8 to bring up the macro dialog, select the procedure, and click Run).The trick is to set up ranges containing formulas for each of the conditions, so that if the condition for that range is met, the range contains the value to plot, otherwise it contains #N/A, which isn’t plotted in a line or XY chart, or just a blank or zero, which is plotted as a zero-thickness bar or column in a bar or column chart. The bars will change color according to their category names and the colored table in A1: A4.An example would be to highlight the Account ID when one selects an Amount Due entry as in Figure 5.Figure 5 In this section, we will see how to accomplish the above exclusively through conditional formatting.In the workbook, I track some daily statistics for my website, and use the same headings every day.So, to save typing time, I copy and paste the headings from the day before.Although I prefer to use the formulaic approach above, sometimes it makes more sense to use VBA to apply formats. Suppose you have a sorted column chart, and the categories may be in any order.

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The following protocol allows you to color the points in a series according to colors you’ve reserved for certain categories. Color Index Next End With End Sub Sub Color By Category Label() Dim r Patterns As Range Dim i Category As Long Dim v Categories As Variant Dim r Category As Range Set r Patterns = Active Sheet. You can read about them here: Simple Conditional Chart Example 1 – Simple Conditional Chart Example 2 As with conditional formatting in the worksheet, the formatting you can achieve is limited only by your ability to construct formulas.Of course, in the chart, you are not limited to three conditional formats as you are in the worksheet (in Excel 2003 at least; the conditional formatting enhancements in Excel 2007 are mind-boggling).But this week I ran into a conditional formatting crisis, and had to start from scratch.Fortunately, the fix didn’t take too long, but with complex formatting, things could have been much worse.

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